Versatex® PVC Trimboard and Sheet Stock

If you know how to cut, rout, or nail wood, you’ll know how to cut, shape, fasten, and finish Versatex® PVC trimboard using standard carpentry tools.

  • Nominal stock is a full 5.5″ (others are often 5.25″ or less).
  • All profiles are a full 0.5″ thick for a stronger performing board.
  • Custom lengths based on full unit quantities available upon request.
  • Stealth™ board features an extgended nail flange for easier installations (1/2” x 6” x 18’).

A complete line of low-maintenance extruded PVC mouldings designed to complement your project.

Just like wood, Versatex® is available in standard trimboard sizes but in efficient 18-foot lengths. Engineered to be reversible, with both a smooth finish and our classic rough cedar texture, Versatex® is available in an attractive low-gloss white that complements all home exteriors.

Versatex® Stealth™ products feature an extended nail flange for easier installations (1/2” x 6” x 18’).

How is PVC Trim Similar to Wood?

  • PVC trim cuts with the same tools, fastens with the same tools (using slightly different nails).
  • PVC is drilled using standard bits and routed with standard router bits.
  • PVC trim calls for the same carpentry techniques as wood — miters, scarf cuts and butt joints.
  • PVC holds as well as wood with nails, and fastens with standard self-tapping screws.
  • PVC trim calls for standard painter’s putty or caulk, and works great with acrylic paints.

How is PVC Trim Different than Wood?

  • PVC trim resists all weathering.
  • PVC won’t rot, check, splinter, or warp.
  • There are no knots or sap pockets in PVC trim.
  • PVC trim resists insects.
  • PVC trim does not require painting.
  • Using PVC trim eliminates the need for flashing to protect trim pieces.
  • PVC trim allows for direct masonry and ground contact.
  • PVC trim uses PVC adhesive when joining.

Here’s How Versatex® is Different

  • Versatex® has a more compact cell structure than most other brands, leaving smoother cut edges.
  • Versatex® PVC trim accepts paint better than other brands.
  • The sun can yellow PVC trims. Versatex® stays whiter than the others.
  • The surface of Versatex® is tested tougher, and it stands up to scuffs and dents better as well.
  • Versatex® offers a cut-to-length program to eliminate waste, and factory-packed mixed length packaging for a wide variety of dealer needs.
  • Versatex® has Stealth™, the trim system that hides the cut edges of all types of sidings.
  • PVC trim allows for direct masonry and ground contact.
  • PVC trim uses PVC adhesive when joining.

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