Paint-Grade Wood Columns & Decorative Capitals



We are proud to offer wood columns featuring

  • Load bearing or decorative
  • Exterior or interior applications
  • Available split or splined for reassembly
  • Available primed and/or asphaltum (paint-grade) finish
  • Available custom shaft lengths
  • Available custom flute lengths
  • Large selection of Decorative Capitals available
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Colonial & Classical Capitals


We are proud to offer wood capitals featuring

  • Crafted entirely by hand, with precise details
  • Crafted in house, therefore capability of matching existing capitals
  • Exterior or interior applications
  • Manufactured from fiberglass polymers
  • Insect, weather, decay resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Wood columns offer an unsurpassed ability to match an existing color palette. Wood columns offer the following advantages:

  • Stain, paint, repaint to match any existing color palette
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Renewable
  • Solid
  • Load bearing or decorative
  • Exterior or interior applications

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