As an architect there are a lot of details that go into achieving your vision, and we can help you with those. Whether it is searching through the thousands of products and styles that we supply to find you exactly the look you are searching for or working with your plans to develop and exact list of your project requirements, we have the technical expertise to supply you what you need.

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Are you an Architect or a Contractor looking for detailed product drawings? Each of our product pages includes .dwg and .pdf spec sheets.

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Did You Know?

Decor Innovations and Distinctive Rail have staff skilled in design, fabrication, and installation. They have the ability to provide customization required by developers.

Whether you project is the latest design or matching trim work made over a century ago, we have the ability to provide the customization you require.

Scroll through some of our galleries to help inspire your next project.

Our combination of industry expertise and technical knowledge allow us to support your project flawlessly.

Design Services

Are you not exactly sure what you are looking for? Our team of design consultants can guide you through the process and get you the results you will be proud of.


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