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Decor Innovations provides premium PVC products which gives the beauty and fine craftsmanship that you admire in a premium wood trim while providing durability and protection against the forces of nature. We offer an extensive inventory of stocked PVC products to ensure fast pick up or delivery.

PVC Mouldings, Trimboards, and Sheet Stock

We are a Versatex PVC ELITE Dealer Carrying the Largest Full Line Up of PVC Inventory

If you know how to cut, rout, or nail wood, you’ll know how to cut, shape, fasten, and finish Versatex® PVC using standard carpentry tools.

Meticulous attention to quality and consistency equates to Versatex PVC trim options that meet and exceed the needs of builders, architects, fabricators, and homeowners. Versatex is dedicated to cellular PVC trim and are the leaders in innovation, quality, and technical assistance. For you the end user, that translates to thickness tolerances that are half the industry norm and the continued development of revolutionary products. Versatex products are strong, durable, lightweight, and easy to install. The trim is resistant to moisture, insects and capable of below-grade installation. With VERSATEX, your possibilities are endless.

Just like wood, Versatex® is available in standard trimboard sizes but in efficient 12 and 18-foot lengths. Engineered to be reversible, with both a smooth finish and our classic rough cedar texture, Versatex® is available in an attractive low-gloss white that complements all home exteriors.

It may sound simple, but it removes a big consideration, and adds an amazing amount of design freedom.

It’s hard to believe, even though most of the installation techniques are the same as wood for PVC trim, and PVC has a long list of advantages over wood and wood-based composites, there are still lots of contractors resisting the transition.

You may be one of them. But, armed with a new understanding of the simple differences, contractors can come over to PVC trim with confidence and great success. We’re here to help clear the air, and make PVC trim believers out of you.

Okay, this is not your typical finger-jointed pine or redwood. But how would you approach the job of exterior trim on a project if moisture wasn’t a consideration?

Still Using Wood?

Versatex® PVC Trimboard

  • PVC trim cuts with the same tools, fastens with the same tools (using slightly different nails).
  • PVC is drilled using standard bits and routed with standard router bits.
  • PVC trim calls for the same carpentry techniques as wood – miters, scarf cuts and butt joints.
  • PVC holds as well as wood with nails, and fastens with standard self-tapping screws.
  • PVC trim calls for standard painter’s putty or caulk, and works great with acrylic paints.

How is PVC Trim Similar to Wood?

  • PVC trim resists all weathering.
  • PVC won’t rot, check, splinter, or warp.
  • There are no knots or sap pockets in PVC trim.
  • PVC trim resists insects.
  • PVC trim does not require painting.
  • Using PVC trim eliminates the need for flashing to protect trim pieces.
  • PVC trim allows for direct masonry and ground contact.
  • PVC trim uses PVC adhesive when joining.

How is PVC Trim Different than Wood?

  • Versatex® has a more compact cell structure than most other brands, leaving smoother cut edges.
  • Versatex® PVC trim accepts paint better than other brands.
  • The sun can yellow PVC trims. Versatex® stays whiter than the others.
  • The surface of Versatex® is tested tougher, and it stands up to scuffs and dents better as well.
  • Versatex® offers a cut-to-length program to eliminate waste, and factory-packed mixed length packaging for a wide variety of dealer needs.
  • Versatex® has Stealth™, the trim system that hides the cut edges of all types of sidings.
  • PVC trim allows for direct masonry and ground contact.
  • PVC trim uses PVC adhesive when joining.

Here’s How Versatex® is Different

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